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Font Engines - Font Rendering Technology

Font Rendering Engines: FreeType and Microsoft TrueType Rasterizer

Monotype offers developers two font engines for their software or hardware products to use for rendering fonts to display type on screen:

The iType® font engine is a font rendering subsystem that brings the benefits of scalable type and high-quality multilingual font display to the embedded environment. iType offers a host of advanced capabilities including font linking, font management and discovery, and display of stylistic East Asian text in a small memory footprint. iType can be implemented into various platforms, helping to reduce time-to-market for OEMs.

The Microsoft Font Rasterizer has earned a reputation as the high quality leader, and offers support for patented TrueType® hinting not available in open source alternatives.

The FreeType Font Engine is a popular open source system that is a good choice for less demanding applications.

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