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DroidFonts.com and new Droid Pro fonts announced by Ascender

Enhanced versions of the Droid fonts with are now available for software & hardware developers, and for creative professionals from Ascender Corp. The http://www.DroidFonts.com website also features information about the Droid fonts which are part of Android, a complete, open mobile phone software stack.

Elk Grove Village, IL -- February 12, 2009 -- Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products and innovative applications for mobile devices, today announced the DroidFonts.com website and the availability of enhanced versions of the Droid family of fonts. Ascender worked closely with Google and the Open Handset Alliance to develop the Droid system fonts for Android, a free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform. The Ascender team has continued to develop custom proprietary versions and enhanced proprietary versions of the Droid fonts for OHA members. The Droid fonts are now also available in “Pro” versions with advanced typographic features for designers and creative professionals.

Steve Matteson, Ascender’s Type Director designed the original Droid fonts. They are optimized for rendering on various screen displays including user interfaces, application menus and web browsers. There are a variety of styles and weights in the Droid font family, and each font provides an extensive range of language support.

“The Droidfonts.com website reflects our commitment to build the Droid font family into a complete and vibrant font collection. We are very proud that the Droid fonts have received such a positive reception” said Ira Mirochnick, president of Ascender Corp. “We will continue to work as closely as possible with the Android team and with fellow OHA members to further the development of these important UI fonts. Based on the outstanding feedback we’ve received from creative professionals, we are also happy to now offer OpenType featured “Pro” versions of the Droid fonts.”

Droid fonts designed by Steve Matteson of Ascender CorpAscender is working with Open Handset Alliance members and other partners to modify and customize many of the Droid fonts. Ascender is also working on new weights, new styles, and enhanced language support (more language & script coverage). The newer Droid fonts are offered by Ascender under a commercial license.

The www.DroidFonts.com website was created by Ascender to provide a comprehensive source of information about the Droid font collection. Included on the site are downloadable type specimens and an article by Steve Matteson on the making of the Droid fonts.

The Droid Pro fonts consist of:

Today Ascender is announcing “Pro” versions of these fonts in both OpenType and TrueType font format. These versions include Old Style Figures, which require an OpenType-saavy application such as InDesign. The Droid Pro fonts are available for purchase and instant download from either the www.DroidFonts.com website, or the www.AscenderFonts.com website.

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Ascender Corporation is a leading provider of advanced font products and innovative applications for mobile devices. Ascender's founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing many of the most important and influential fonts used in computers and mobile devices. Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development and mobile phone applications for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers. Ascender also provides fonts for download to graphic designers through the www.AscenderFonts.com website and to consumers through the www.FontMarketplace.com website.

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