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New Font Development & Licensing Company Announced


NORTHBROOK, IL. - February 18, 2004 - The formation of Ascender Corporation, a new business specializing in font development, licensing and intellectual property protection was announced today.

Fonts are an important visual component of product development, brand identification, advertising and publishing.

Computer and consumer electronics developers often depend upon typographic specialists to create fonts with specific requirements such as readability at small sizes or Unicode support for scripts and languages used in markets throughout the world.

Fonts are also utilized by design firms that create corporate identity and product brands. Proper licensing of these fonts is complex. These organizations may also require custom fonts in the OpenType format for global implementation or to solve IT issues, such as use on different platforms.

"We foresee an exceptional opportunity to solve problems and add value in the font and IP markets" said Ira Mirochnick, Ascender co-founder. "We're fortunate to have assembled some of the most talented type designers, software engineers and marketing specialists from the type community."

Ascender's founders have been involved in developing some of the most important and influential fonts in use today: Macintosh and Windows system fonts, corporate branding fonts, and fonts embedded in mobile phones and laser printers."

"Microsoft is pleased to see the formation of Ascender Corporation. We have worked with the founders for many years and have great respect for their talents and business style," said Lori Brownell, General Manager Windows International and Global Services, Microsoft Corporation.

"I've known Ascender's founders for years, and can predict that this new firm will provide the very highest quality typography -- and the technology that makes it happen" said Roger Black, chairman of DaniloBlack, the well-known international editorial design firm.

Ascender's Founders:
Steve Matteson is an accomplished type designer and typographic engineer. Steve has the talent to design and develop fonts for any environment, including on-screen display on computers, TVs, PDAs, and phones. Steve has created numerous customized type designs to reinforce international corporate brand identities.

Thomas Rickner's design and technical expertise is well-known because of his work on Microsoft's Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana fonts. Tom has worked on fonts in a variety of scripts including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Japanese. Tom is recognized as a leading expert in "hinting", which is the process of programming a font for on-screen readability at small sizes.

Ira Mirochnick was previously the founder and President of Monotype Typography Inc. and a Senior Vice President and director of Agfa Monotype Corporation. Ira is an expert in font licensing issues and IP protection.

Bill Davis has an extensive sales, marketing and business development background and has been involved in electronic publishing and font software for over twenty years. Bill was most recently the Vice President of Marketing for Agfa Monotype.

About Ascender Corp:

Ascender Corporation is a Chicago-based company specializing in multilingual, custom font development, licensing and typographic problem solving. The company's founders have been involved in developing some of the most important and influential fonts in use today in computers, phones and printers. Ascender has a talented team with the expertise to solve complex font technology issues, the imagination to create font branding solutions, and the initiative to create value for our customers.


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