Web Fonts - solutions from Monotype Imaging

Monotype has spent a great deal of time over the past few years working with the W3C community and other font developers on a cross-browser and cross-platform solution for web fonts.

We are pleased to offer web font licenses that provide web designers with new tools to enhance the typographic appearance of websites.

Web Fonts from Fonts.com

Webfonts.Fonts.com is a subscription service for your website to access a collection of the highest quality fonts available on the web.

Web Fonts uses real downloadable fonts formatted for use with the CSS @font-face rule to W3C standards. No more text image replacement, JavaScript, or Flash required!

The Web Fonts service is easy to use, affordable and reliable. Simply add a line of code that we generate to each of your pages and then update your font-family tags with the web fonts you’ve chosen. We do all the heavy-lifting: tweaking the CSS for each specific web browser version and supporting multiple downloadable web font formats in a secure, compliant manner.

Fonts.com Web Fonts is also available with a self-hosting option to web developers who prefer to control their all their site assets.

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