EOT Lite Wrap Tool

In 2009 Ascender made a proposal to the web font community with a solution for solving the issues of incompatible web font formats. Ascender suggested a subset of the Embedded OpenType (EOT) format with two features removed:

  • MTX font compression
  • URL Binding (root strings)

We called this 'EOT Lite'. Ascender also created a tool, called EOT Lite Wrap, to help type designers, foundries and font vendors create an EOT Lite font without these two features.

This tool has been discontinued and is no longer available.

EOT Lite did not garner the widespread support of the web font community. Instead, the proposal for WOFF (Web Open Font Format), which Ascender supports, has become the web font format of choice.

Ascender is actively involved in developing web font solutions. We have created the www.FontsLive.com website to offer premium quality fonts to web designers and developers. We are also partners with the FontBureau in Webtype.com.