Code Pages

Monotype can provide fonts that are mapped to the Unicode standard or to Internet Code Page standards.

The following table lists the values that are supported by the Internet Code Page property:

Name Character Set Code Page
Arabic (ISO) ISO-8859-6 1256
Arabic (Windows) Windows-1256 1256
Baltic (ISO) ISO-8859-4 1257
Baltic (Windows) Windows-1257 1257
Central European (ISO) ISO-8859-2 1250
Central European (Windows) Windows-1250 1250
Chinese Simplified (GB2312) GB2312 936
Chinese Simplified (HZ) HZ-GB-2312 936
Chinese Traditional (Big5) Big5 950
Cyrillic (ISO) ISO-8859-5 1251
Cyrillic (Windows) Windows-1251 1251
Greek (ISO) ISO-8859-7 1253
Greek (Windows) Windows-1253 1253
Hebrew (ISO-Logical) ISO-8859-8-I 1255
Hebrew (Windows) Windows-1255 1255
Japanese (EUC) EUC-JP 932
Japanese (JIS) ISO-2022-JP 932
Japanese (Shift-JIS) ISO-2022-JP 932
Korean KS-C-5601-1987 949
Korean (EUC) EUC-KR 949
Latin 3 (ISO) ISO-8859-3 1252
Latin 9 (ISO) ISO-8859-15 1252
Thai (Windows) Windows-874 874
Turkish (ISO) ISO-8859-9 1254
Turkish (Windows) Windows-1254 1254
Vietnamese (Windows) Windows-1258 1258
Western European (ISO) ISO-8859-1 1252
Western European (Windows) Windows-1252 1252

Source: Microsoft Corporation

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