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Unicode Font Solutions

Monotype has a variety of Unicode-compliant implementations available, and can also customize fonts for developers.

For instance, a developer may want to include a single script to support a specific market, such as Japan, utilizing a font style that is suitable for professional publishing in the Japanese market.

Alternatively, another developer may want to support a much broader region in a single Unicode-compliant font. In that case, Monotype would provide a font style that is more functional in design but could support Unicode 3.0 up to Unicode 5.0.

File size, required language and script support, intended audience usage, screen resolution and other factors would all be considered as Monotype works with each developer to implement a multilingual font solution that is optimal for their product.

Features of Monotype’s Unicode-Compliant Font Solutions

Support for any language — Monotype offers fonts for all major scripts:

Chinese - Simplified
Chinese - Traditional
Latin 1
Pan-European (WGL)

Unicode-compliant support — Monotype Imaging offers character set ranges by:

Code pages
Based on geographic or market coverage

Unicode ranges
Unicode 1.1, 2.0, 2.1.2, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 and 5.0 are significant updates

WGL Pan-European Character Set

Ranges delta-hinted for legibility
• Designed for optimal screen and print legibility
• Consistent style across all scripts
Ascender Unicode font consistency


Flexible implementations — one big font, or fonts with specific language support:

One big font:
Ascender Uni is a sans serif design in proportional & fixed width
Arial™ Unicode currently supports Unicode 2.1
Lucida™ Sans Unicode
Monotype is developing Ascender Uni to be Unicode 5.0 compliant (it currently supports Unicode 2.1). Arial Unicode is probably one of the most widely known “large” Unicode compliant fonts. Microsoft includes Arial Unicode MS with Microsoft Office™ to provide broader regional support in a single, highly functional font. Lucida Sans is another popular typeface with an extensive character range. Monotype is an authorized distributor of Arial Unicode and Lucida Sans.

Smaller, targeted fonts:
• Individual language modules
• Multiple fonts each supporting specific regions
• Customized Unicode compliant solutions
• Customized substitution tables
• Provide legacy character support

Trusted Font Data
• Font data licensed from Microsoft, IBM, Bigelow & Holmes and others
• Distributed in millions of products around the world
• PRC approvals
• Warranty and indemnification

In summary, Monotype is a trusted partner for high quality, complex Unicode compliant font solutions. Monotype provides Unicode 5.0 coverage and beyond and provides professional grade deliverables to its customers. Monotype offers flexible implementation and business models that make it easy for customers to obtain a solution that meets their specification and budget.

Please contact Monotype for more information on Unicode and multilingual fonts.