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Chinese, Japanese and Korean Font Solutions

Monotype Imaging provides fonts for all of the major Asian language groups, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean, or what is commonly referred to as “CJK” fonts.

Monotype Imaging’s CJK fonts are optimized for legibility on screen and in print. Monotype Imaging  has helped many developers implement their international font strategies. In fact, the typographic engineers at Monotype Imaging helped produce the Arial Unicode font for Microsoft. The team at Monotype Imaging has also assisted Apple, IBM, Oracle, Sun, Sybase and many other top companies with their multilingual font needs.

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Simplified Chinese fonts

Simplified Chinese
Simplified Chinese fonts are popular in Mainland China and Singapore. Ascender has Simplified Chinese fonts that support a variety of standard character sets, including GB 2312-80, GBK, and GB 18030.

Traditional Chinese fonts

Traditional Chinese
Traditional Chinese fonts are used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and most overseas Chinese communities. The BIG 5 character set is typical of most Traditional Chinese fonts, and the Hong Kong Supplemental Character Set, or HKSCS, includes and additional 4941 Chinese characters.


Japanese (Kanji) fonts which have many different character sets and encodings. Ascender provides Japanese fonts with the Shift JIS encoding.  


Ascender’s offers Korean fonts that support Hangul and Hanja characters found in the KSC 5601 character set.


Ascender provides two main type styles for Asian fonts which are similar to serif and sans serif style for Latin fonts. Mincho is a Japanese font style that has small serifs at the end of strokes and is used extensively for book and newspaper publishing The Mincho style would be similar to Times New Roman. This same style is called Sung for Chinese fonts. CJK fonts that are in the Gothic style feature plain strokes with little or no serifs, similar to the Arial typeface. Gothic CJK styles work well for on-screen legibility.


Monotype Imaging has extensive experience providing Asian fonts in variety of formats and encodings. The most common encoding that developers utilize for CJK fonts is Unicode. Unicode is an encoding standard which includes many characters, including Unified Han Ideographs and others essential for writing Asian languages. Although Unicode has been the preferred method for CJK font encoding, Ascender has also delivered font data in other encodings, including Microsoft’s Shift JIS.

The Monotype Imaging team can answer any questions you may have about Simplified Chinese fonts, Traditional Chinese fonts, Japanese fonts and Korean fonts. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.