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Type Foundry: Monotype

The Garamondâ„¢ Font Family is based on roman types cut by Jean Jannon in 1615. Jannon followed the designs of Claude Garamond which had been cut in the previous century. The Garamond Font Family's types were, in turn, based on those used by Aldus Manutius in 1495 and cut by Francesco Griffo. The is based on types cut in France circa 1557 by Robert Granjon. This version of Garamond Font Family was introduced in 1922 for hot metal typecasters. The Garamond font is a magnificent typeface with an air of informality which looks good in a wide range of applications. Garamond font is most suitable and works particularly well in books and lengthy text settings. Garamond fonts are available in both Opentype (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) font formats.

Garamond Bold

Garamond Bold Italic

Garamond Italic

Garamond Regular

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