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Fonts for Servers & Web Applications

Fonts for Servers - Server-based Applications

The typical commercial font is licensed for use on desktop computers. An extended license is required to install the font on a server with server-based applications. Monotype licenses its extensive library of fonts, including fonts from Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, for use on servers with server-based applications.

Monotype has helped a wide range of customers with font licenses for use in both internal (Intranet) and external (Internet) server applications. Our customers include enterprises with reporting and document management software, web developers creating consumer-based applications and Flash & Silverlight developers.

Examples of server applications include:

  • PDF document generation
  • Report generation
  • CRM applications
  • Financial Reporting
  • Photo sharing sites
  • T-Shirt sites
  • Greeting Card, Business Card and other document creation applications

The Monotype team is experienced in working with developers who require specific font requirements including language support, Microsoft font compatibility, and typefaces with a creative range of styles and designs.

Please contact us to learn more about how Monotype can help you with font licensing for server applications and web applications.

Fonts licensed for a web-based application