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Custom Fonts & Bespoke Fonts

The Initiative to Solve Font Problems

The Monotype team understands that not every font problem can be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. While it would be nice to have a ready-made font for every situation, this is often not the case.

What are custom fonts or bespoke fonts? It can be described as either modifications to an existing font or a completely new font designed for a particular use.

Who needs custom fonts or bespoke fonts? Typically our customers fall into these categories:

  • Hardware and software companies with custom font needs for their products
  • Creative Professionals that need to convert fonts to a new platform
  • Publications undergoing a redesign
  • Enterprises seeking unique branding or corporate identity typefaces

Monotype is well-known for its creative and technical expertise, and for our ability to manage projects to deliver on-time and within budget. We describe our custom font services as “the art and technology of type”.

The Art of Type

The art of type is centered in our type design resources. Steve Matteson leads our type design efforts. Steve is a prolific type designer who has a rare typographic acumen that is reflected in his vast portfolio. Steve’s work includes corporate identity typefaces for Agilent and Microsoft, retail fonts reflecting both modern fashion trends and historic revivals, and non-Latin type design (from Greek and Cyrillic to Hebrew and Arabic). Jim Ford, Tom Rickner and Josh Hadley complement Steve’s creative talents with their type development expertise and typographic sensibility.

The Technology of Type

The technology of type reflects our knowledge of font formats, languages and scripts, platforms and environments, and the tools and techniques we deploy to build font software. We’ve built up a solid reputation for solving complex font problems ranging from tuning fonts for on-screen display to adding a wide range of non-Latin scripts for Unicode support. Our team helped create the original Macintosh and Windows TrueType fonts that revolutionized on-screen viewing on desktop computers. We were involved in the development of the fonts that are used in millions of mobile phones, PDAs and printers.

Every project for custom fonts and bespoke fonts is different. Because font software can be very complicated, our goal is to help our customers identify their requirements without burdening them will all the nuances and minutia of detail or terminology that can seem overwhelming. Just because we love tweaking ink traps, sharpening stems or talking among ourselves in TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) doesn’t mean you need to learn a new language. Our customers love our ability to make complicated things simple. Give us a try next time you have a font problem.

To learn more about custom fonts and bespoke fonts please contact us.