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Microsoft ClearType™ Font Collection

Windows Vista™,  Microsoft® Office 2007, and Office 2008 for Mac introduced a breakthrough set of fonts know as the "ClearType Font Collection." Monotype is proud to offer these fonts for license to end-users, enterprises, and software/hardware companies.

The collection consists of 25 fonts: six new typeface families, each with regular, italic, bold and bold italic styles, and a new picture/symbol font. Each of the text fonts contains extended multi-language support (including Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts), advanced OpenType typographic features and specialty character sets.


Microsoft’s Advanced Reading Technologies team led the development of the fonts to significantly improve the on-screen reading experience through a combination of design iterations and by leveraging Microsoft’s ClearType technology.

Each typeface family in the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection has its own personality and flair that are the hallmark of their particular designer:

  • Calibri, designed by Luc(as) de Groot, is a sans serif design with a rich soft character that makes the font suitable for documents, email and Web design. Calibri is the new default sans serif font in Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Cambria, designed by Jelle Bosma with Steve Matteson & Robin Nicholas, is a serif design suitable for business documents. Cambria Math, designed by Jelle Bosma with Ross Mills, features an extensive character set for mathematical, scientific and technical publications. Cambria is the new default serif font in Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Candara, designed by Gary Munch, is a lively but not intrusive sans serif design suitable for email, Web design and informal settings.
  • Consolas, designed by Luc(as) de Groot, is a monospaced font (like an old typewriter) and good for programmers setting code (its core purpose).
  • Constantia, designed by John Hudson, is a modulated wedge-serif design ideal for e-book and journal publishing both online and in print.
  • Corbel, designed by Jeremy Tankard, was designed to give an uncluttered and clean appearance on screen.
  • Cariadings, designed by Geraldine Wade, is a new decorative symbol font with typographic ornaments that can be used as watermarks, border enhancements or icons.

The fonts are available for purchase and immediate download from AscenderFonts.com and for licensing from Monotype. Individual fonts each include a license to use the fonts on up to five computers. Also available are pre-packaged sets of fonts from the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection:

PDF To view an 18 page overview of the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection, click here. (1.5MB file size)

For more information on licensing these Microsoft fonts, please contact Monotype.